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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mercedes-Benz SLR

The serial Mercedes-Benz SLR is already one of the most impressive cars on our roads -
but compared to the Hamann Volcano it still looks rather harmless. Once again, Hamann-Motorsport
proves its cutting edge when it comes to refining superb sports cars. From a lift-reducing body design to
a powerful performance enhancement to a lavishly styled interior, Hamann focuses on all components of
this luxury car and makes the automobile dreams of its exclusive clientele come true.

The Hamann makeover is not only sportive, but also has a lot to offer under the bonnet. The Hamann motor
technicians get the most out of the Mercedes Benz V8-aggregate (5.4 litres, 626 hp, 780 Nm): 700 hp / 515 kW
and a maximum torque of 830 Nm at 3,300 crankshaft revolutions per minute.

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