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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Auto Show ~ Mitsubishi Montero

With a graceful elegance that only hints at the rugged power lurking beneath, Monteros beautifully crafted curves create an interplay of light and shadow.
Brimming with power, it would fall short if the Montero was classified as just another SUV. Seek out the new Montero and quench your thirst for the ultimate power.
Beige and black leather upholstery, wood print center and air outlet panels, titanium accent power window panels and inner door handles and lot more...
Montero - the art of rally-ing...
Mitsubishi Montero, 2006
To some, commanding respect comes naturally. And that’s what a Montero does. A class apart, Montero makes your every drive, a graceful event.

The rugged car that is ready for anything thrown at it, transforms itself into a lap of luxury the moment you step into it. Apart from its awe-inspiring design and the majestic looks, it pampers you and gives you that kingly treatment.Ample ground clearance and short front and rear overhangs let you easily maneuver over terrain most SUVs wouldn’t dare park near.

3.2-liter 16-valve DOHC Intercooled Turbocharged DI-D, delivering satisfying torque performance in the low and mid ranges.

From the outside, a stylish SUV, but on the inside, nothing short of pure luxury and a ride that is as quiet and exhilarating as daybreak

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